The current necessity of keeping up-to-date has resulted in the development of a strong habit of learning among people, and as a result, we see a significant increase in the number of e-learning solutions available on app stores. However, the booming growth of the educational app industry is not only due to today's culture, but also because of the giant experiment that we are currently undergoing to prove the tangible benefits of online education for students and teachers alike. The recent pandemic has had numerous negative effects on the world economy, but one of the most effective acceleration incentives was to have online education as the only means of continuing to provide learning services.

Aside from the value it provides to users, e-learning apps are also a promising option for entrepreneurs. Business owners and market leaders now have new opportunities to tap into this thriving market. If you are looking to capitalize on this opportunity, now is the time to act.

So, why do students and teachers prefer educational apps over traditional methods of learning? First of all, smartphone penetration continues to rise. There are now over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and this number is increasing every year. Studies show that on average, Americans check their phones 52 times per day, which is a heavy usage if not an addiction. With this in mind, why not take advantage of this opportunity and use the numerous educational mobile apps that are available to help kids and adults alike gain extra knowledge and hone their skills?

The transformations that are taking place in the educational processes are a challenge not only for students but also for teachers. It is crucial that institutions and education software companies not only take into consideration the needs of students but also think about how to make a learning app that would help teachers provide their services online using functional e-learning solutions. A recent survey found that 63% of school teachers use technology in the classroom on a daily basis.

Education is the third most popular category on the App Store, just behind Games and Business, and on Google Play, e-learning is even higher in second place. These statistics demonstrate the growing popularity of educational apps and the potential for growth in this market.

So, what makes educational apps so useful and why do so many people find them so handy? The answer lies in the features that online education and mobile learning, in particular, is able to provide. These features include video tutoring, online assignments and performance reports, education quizzes and other interactive assessments, notifications, personal accounts, personalized growth plans, course details, and messaging. In other words, with the help of learning applications, people are able to take a less costly, more flexible and autonomous approach to learning at their own pace and time, in a more convenient environment.

If you are looking to develop a successful e-learning app, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first step is to conduct proper market research. Understanding your niche and target audience is vital in the development of an e-learning solution that will be in high demand. Depending on the target audience, educational apps can vary greatly. For example, apps for toddlers will be different from apps for college students, and interactive encyclopedias will be different from geography quiz apps. The market situation and competition must also be taken into consideration. Proper market research acts as the foundation for all further decisions and actions.

To make a learning app that works, you must make learning active, intuitive, engaging, and meaningful. Modern educational methods have transformed the way people acquire knowledge by incorporating multiple tricks and techniques that facilitate the learning process and make it more effective. It is no longer enough to make students passively receive information from an expert. 

The Challenge of Choosing the Right E-Learning App Development Company. The global pandemic has brought about significant changes, forcing many of us, including our children, to stay at home in quarantine. During this time, many have taken advantage of online courses to keep themselves occupied and productive. With the growing demand for e-learning solutions, it's a prime time for e-learning mobile app development.

However, finding the right team of professionals to bring your vision to life can be the most challenging aspect of the process. To ensure that your app meets your specific requirements, it's crucial to work with a company that has experience in developing educational products.

Plavno is a software development company that can help you with your question in various ways. We have a team of experienced developers and engineers who specialize in delivering customized software solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients. Whether you need a custom software application developed from scratch, an existing application modified to meet your specific requirements, or ongoing support and maintenance, Plavno has the skills and expertise to help.

Our approach to software development is centered around understanding the needs of their clients and delivering solutions that meet those needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We use a range of software development methodologies, including Agile and Scrum, to ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget. Plavno also employs cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to create innovative software solutions that provide real value to their clients.

If you have an idea for a cutting-edge educational app, don't wait. Identify the key features you want, reach out to a Plavno development company, and get started on bringing your vision to life. With the right team, you can create a new and innovative e-learning app that will change the game.

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