Plavno was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is a well-known IT services provider in Central Asia and other parts of the world. The company's outsourcing services include full-cycle software development and remote hiring services that include highly talented and experienced senior IT experts who become part of the client's development team.

The dedicated team executes software projects with best practices through agile development. They possess expertise in various framework development and technology stacks for outsourcing operations. In addition, they offer outsourcing for custom software development handled and managed by senior professionals of Plavno.

The outstaffing team members work under the supervision of the client's team during the project. The company supplies cybersecurity specialists who join the client's development team with three criteria: remote, hybrid, or on-site (EU region).

They offer a broad range of experienced IT experts, proficient in AI & machine learning, blockchain, web & mobile app development, full-stack, DevOps, business intelligence, cyber security, ERP, no/low code, web designing, and digital marketing.

Plavno specializes in delivering blockchain technology projects for crypto wallets and NFT marketplaces.

The team's unmatched determination, dedication, and discipline helped Plavno to be among the top Cryptocurrency wallet development companies by GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team interviewed  Aleh Lipunov, the Plavno CEO, to learn more about the company and its values.

From the ground up

Aleh shared that three people started Plavno; he was one of them who had a big dream of having his own IT company. They were principally concerned with constant innovation and agility, which helped them to reach where they are today. No matter what size of business, the team responded as fast as possible, and the consistency in doing so allowed them to win the trust of their clients throughout the incredible journey of Plavno.

Aleh also added that Plavno became a social impact-driven company creating uniform and strategic relationships between Western Europe, Northern America, Canada, and Australia, resulting in sustainable economic growth for them.

Business Model

Aleh mentioned that their business model provides outsourcing and outstaffing services. They help their clients by offering IT experts and complete development process control. Their team can develop the project from scratch with competitor analysis and MVP development. Moreover, they help clients with business analysis and technical documentation processes to launch and support.

Clients Are The Priority

While talking about the company's competitiveness, Aleh said that their outstanding products which are successfully earned a prominent place for the past ten years in the market. And their team is highly skilled in providing custom software development from scratch with top-notch MVP development.

Further, he added that our technical experts ensure a good user experience and user interface, which helps clients' business increase their brand value. The team prioritizes clients' time by responding to them quickly whenever they ask us to make any changes during the development process.

Also, Plavno's outstaffing service provides more qualified IT professionals with tremendous experience and offers more flexibility for clients' unique requirements.

Setting New Benchmarks

Aleh mentioned that our unwavering dedication toward B2B and B2C markets helped us to deliver the most sustainable customized software solutions to our clients from various industries, including healthcare, e-learning, fintech, travel & hospitality, logistics, and retail, etc.

Also, our WebRTC technology expertise helps our many clients from the healthcare and EdTech industries.

The core services

Aleh said they work closely with startups and established businesses worldwide, and the services we provide:

Outstaffing: Plavno experts can help your business by offering senior and the most experienced IT professionals to grow your business rapidly and efficiently.

Outsourcing: Their dedicated software development team possesses excellent capabilities and abilities to tackle challenging projects and deliver on time. Most outsourcing projects include app development, web development, webshops, and back-end development utilizing cutting-edge technologies to help provide clients with outstanding results.

Moreover, most of their startup clients hire them for MVP projects with full-fledged custom software development. Recently, blockchain development is also in demand from our clients, resulting in more projects related to crypto wallets and NFT marketplaces.

Delighted Customers - the key to success

Aleh talked about customer satisfaction, and their clients are satisfied with the invaluable results shown on GoodFirms, the most prestigious platform for corporate reviews and ratings:

Click for more reviews.

Pricing Model

Plavno follows a monthly time and material pricing model depending on clients' specific project requirements. Plavno works with a diverse range of projects, and its minimum pricing starts at $20k.

In 2021, Plavno felt pride in undertaking a $1 million project which they were able to complete successfully within the committed time frame. The credit for this success goes to the team's impeccable performance, resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction.

Lastly, Aleh disclosed Plavno's plans for the coming ten years. They are grateful for having the most talented team, committed to providing best-in-class services and solutions, and they will be consistent in doing so! Additionally, the company would like to increase the team's size to develop more excellent IT solutions on a global scale.

You can also go through this detailed interview on GoodFirms.

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