Crypto wallet

A digital wallet to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies

Business needs:
  • DeFi wallet
  • Mobile wallets




Crypto wallet poster

Technology stack used

Node JS
Node JS
React Native
React Native
Node JS
Node JS
React Native
React Native

The key features

    • Since crypto wallets are very popular now and a huge number of transactions pass through them every day, it is necessary to take care of their security. To do this, the application has multi-factor authentication in addition to the standard username and password. 

    • Payment Gateways This allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies using credit cards. The ability to integrate the wallet with payment applications such as Venom, Paypal, etc. has also been added.

    • To avoid incorrect input of the length public key, we have added the ability to add a crypto wallet using a QR-code.

    • The wallet supports a large number of different cryptocurrencies that are sold and purchased.

    • Deposit XXX and other tokens

    • Import and export private keys

    • Add and remove custom tokens

    • Transfer tokens to other wallets

    • Import phone book contacts

    • Conversion Rates 




This case involves a fintech company in the blockchain industry that required the development of a digital wallet for DeFi and mobile devices. The wallet needed to allow users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies securely.


The solution involved using a technology stack that included React Native, Node.js, and various other tools such as Auth0 and UNISWAP. 


Key features included user authentication, payment gateways, QR-code integration, support for multiple currencies, and other important functions such as depositing tokens, importing and exporting private keys, and transferring tokens to other wallets.

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